History NGV

History of the Dutch Golf Veterans (NGV)

The initiative to create the NGV was taken by Messrs. G.W.S. Putman Cramer, J.H.C. Salberg and R.W.S. Schill on the Eindhovensche Golf in 1930. A year later, in 1931, the NGV was officially founded. The original 7 founding Golfclubs were: the Eindhovensche Golf, the Royal Haagsche Golf and Country Club, the Hilversumsche Golf Club, the Utrechtsche Golf Club “de Pan”, the Golf Club Toxandria, the Noordwijkse Golf Club and the Kennemer Golf & Country Club.

In 2002 the legal structure of NGV was transformed in a foundation. As the purpose of the Articles of Association of the Dutch Golf Federation (NGF) are underwritten, the NGV is a D-member of the NGF. In 1980 the NGF has decided not to allocate a budget anymore for senior golfing and that honors for the NGF in the senior golf events in the European circuit would be fulfilled by the NGV.

The NGV has an organizing committee of 9 members and an executive committee for the foundation of 3 members: the President, the Secretary and the Treasurer. Each of the founding  Clubs have a seat in the organizing committee.

The membership of the NGV is by invitation only and members invited have in general been low handicap players and/or those who fulfilled a prominent position in the golfing world. Today the maximum number is fixed on 190 members.

In de years 1931- 1939 an annual reunion was organized in turn by each of the founding  Clubs with a stroke play match on the first day and a bogey match on the second day.

During the wartime period from 1940 to/including 1946 no annual gatherings were organized, but from 1947 the annual reunions were organized on the Noordwijkse Golf Club till 1953, when Golf Club Toxandria took over until today. .

The annual reunions were so successful that a springtime reunion was added which is played on the Utrechtsche Golf Club “the Pan” and since 2006 also a late season reunion is played on the Twentsche Golf Club.

In 1953 the first international meeting, against Denmark, was organized in addition to the annual reunion. From 1971 gradually more international exchanges were added in which one day 6 FBBB are played and the next day twelve singles. To day exchange matches are played each year against Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, alternating on one of Dutch top courses or in the other country. Against Belgium a match in each country is played every year and against a UK Golfing Senior Society 4 days of matches are played every second year, alternating in the UK or in the Netherlands.

Furthermore the NGV members participate in international tournaments such as: 6 nations tournament, King Leopold Cup (Belgium), International Senior week in Deauville (France),  the European Senior Championship & Cup and the European Senior Masters Championship & Cup. The last 3 tournaments, which are being played over several days are played in different European countries each year. The King Leopold Cup includes an US team every year.

Presidents of the NGV were: Lou Bysterus Heemskerk (1947-1983), Jan Evers (1963-1966), Jan Nyenbranding de Boer (1966-1974), Dolph Abendanon (1974-1979), Ton van Tienhoven (1979-1993), Hans Tuyt (1993-2005),  Rolf Olland (2005-2011) and today Bart Jan Constandse (2011- …)